I will answer more questions later tonight and queue up some confessions too, I’m currently babysitting so I have to get off the computer but I will try to be on more this weekend!


Anonymous said: in response to the bio male/female anon: a big part of the problem with the terms is that they imply that trans people are really the gender/sex they were assigned at birth no matter how they identify. it places an emphasis on what parts someone has and not how they identify. also, it's really problematic to ascribe even biological sex to a binary system, because between 1% and 7% of the population is born with mixed sex characteristics. please do more research, this is a very basic explanation.

Thank you for explaining that! I really should do more research, I’ve just been having some really crazy hard times in my personal life, so keeping up with this blog has not been a priority for a while.

dottieverse said: I'm pretty sure the male equivalent to Gynosexual is Androsexual

thank you!

Anonymous said: Can i just say you're the first person (i don't really venture into the community so there's bound to be more) that i've come across who's said "I literally woke up one day like ‘wait a second'" and i find that really reassuring because one night i was laid in bed when i was about 12 (so 5 years ago) and everything just fell into place and everything suddenly made sense to me about what i'd been feeling it was like a eureka moment without as much joy because i knew it wouldn't be accepted.

Honestly, I’ve never met anyone else like that either, you and I are two peas in a ‘sudden-realization’ pod. If anyone else discovered their identity or orientation this way, let me know!!! Come join our ‘OOOOHHHHH’ party :P

Anonymous said: for anon, that's something you'd need to discuss with the doctor you're working with,

the breast surgery anon? yeah, that’s true.

dickhats said: hey in response to that hairstyle anon: i saw someone once who had their hair cut short on the bottom half of their head. so they could wear their hair down and it would look long all over, but if they put it under a hat it didnt look like they just stuffed all their hair up to hide it, even though they did


I like it! Thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous said: I have a friend who believes that being genderqueer is just a "club" to "make you feel better". How do I explain to him that it's a real thing? Oh and as an aside, he's not an asshole. He just honestly doesn't understand

Tell him to stop belittling other peoples’ identities because he doesn’t understand them. Just because he doesn’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s not real (see also: science, evolution, racism, etc.).

Anonymous said: How would I know if I'm genderfluid? I've recently had some suspicions but I'm not too sure.

There’s no one way to solidly determine your gender besides really thinking about it and being open with yourself. Talk to yourself, learn about yourself, explore yourself. That’s pretty much what you have to do.

Anonymous said: Can you like doing some 'girly' things and still identify as male because I have a friend who identifies as male (ftm) but they still wears dresses and love working with kids (not in a creepy sense). In my eyes they act effeminate as well but they say they want to transition because it'll make them happier. Is that okay or?

Of course you can. Men can wear dresses if they want, just like women wear pants and suits all the time. Just because your friend seems effeminate to you doesn’t make them any less a man if that’s how they identify.
Don’t police people’s genders, and don’t ask other people if it’s ‘okay’ for your friend to identify the way makes them comfortable. That’s shitty.

Anonymous said: i think im agender but i feel like im just a fake. i only expierince dysphoria sometimes and its only my chest, i dont have prefered pronouns, and it doesnt bother me to be called female,male, or other. so no real social dysphoria. inside i feel genderless but i had had no isssues calling myself female in the past. despite this can i still call myself agender? i really dont want to harm the trans* community by calling myself agender if i am not. is there a better word other than agender?

If you feel genderless, then that’s what you are! Don’t let anyone make you feel like a fake because you don’t experience dysphoria, or don’t experience it often. Nobody can define you except for you, and just because that may not fit into some jackass’s definition of what agender or trans* or cis or whatever is, doesn’t make you any less what you are. 

Identify how you identify, label yourself however you feel comfortable with, the important part is feeling safe and comfortable with yourself.