Anonymous said: Hello so I'm agender and prefer to have people use "they" "them" instead of "she" "her". I tried to talk to my boyfriend about it and he kinda flipped out. I already feel like a damn defect, that didn't help. How can I deal with this?

if your boyfriend flipped out about that then you need to sit down and have a looong talk with him and if he can’t accept and respect you then sorry but he has got to go.
you are not a defect, I promise. just because you ended up different than the norm does not mean you’re broken, damaged, defective, or fucked up. you are a shiny pokemon and you are lovely whether or not your boyfriend is aware of that or not.

if you need to take time and be single and learn to love yourself then that’s what you need. you gotta love yourself and at least accept yourself and respect yourself so that way you don’t let anyone else put you down. you’re your best friend and you should treat yourself as such. be good to you.

and remember, we’re always here to talk. there’s a couple thousand people who follow this blog and I’m sure a few of them are more than happy to talk to you and let you vent or speak to you on a more personal level than anon to help you through whatever you go through, and that’s including me. <3

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Anonymous said: Is it weird that I identify as agender and prefer he/his/his? Idk, I just prefer them over xe or they, maybe because I'm used to them, but idk... It makes me feel like I'm not agender enough...

No such thing as ‘not ‘x’ enough’! Not at all. Don’t let jerks get in the way of you identifying the way that makes you happy. People who make trans*people feel ‘not trans enough’ are soggy wads of toilet paper and are not worth your time.
Being comfortable with the pronouns you’re used to is perfectly fine, wanting to use different pronouns is a-okay and not being sure either way is cool too, things take time to get used to or to understand and it’s okay whatever makes you comfortable is what’s most important, okay?

Okay <3

now have a picture of saint bernard puppies to brighten your day

Anonymous said: "biological male" or "biological female" is shitty. Can you please use amab and afab instead? and correct everyone who sends in an ask with that in it? thanks

yeah I recently got schooled on that stuff I’ll be more careful about correcting others as well as checking myself about it I feel kinda bad I’m a reclusive queer I know like nothing about stuff I don’t identify as so I tend to come off as ignorant and I feel like a dingus, but I’m glad people on here call me out on stuff even if I get cranky about it I don’t like to be wrong but whatever please continue to call me out on things and learn me things I do appreciate it even if I get snarky about it I apologize but thanks everyone I will be more careful in the future 

sorry for ranting i’m really tired lol

alluponsgq said: Thanks for posting my question about fashion/body advice for the biological male. I just wanted to let you know that I created a tumblr just to ask for some clarifications from people because I'm still a bit confused. I don't expect to use that tumblr much, but at least I'll have a place now to follow GQ Confessions!

I’m so glad we were all able to help! Welcome to tumblr!!! :D

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Anonymous said: I'm not against religion I'm christian myself I just want someone to except me and I'm never okay. I don't know what to do and I feel suicidal again and I already tried it once last summer and I hate myself so much...I need help

I’m sorry I took so long to respond, I hope you’re doing okay now. 

Your therapist’s religion shouldn’t have an effect on the way they help you, and if it does, then you need to switch therapists immediately. 
Next thing you need to do is have your parents come in for a session with you. It may get you nowhere, but you need a place where you have someone on your side to help you get across to your parents your feelings and what you need.

Please don’t give up. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy, to experience, you deserve to do them, you deserve to live a long life filled with good things, bad things, weird things, funny things, YOU HAVE TO BE AROUND TO EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING!!!! THE WORLD MAY SUCK BUT IT’S FILLED WITH AWESOME THINGS THAT MAKE IT SUCK A LITTLE BIT LESS! GO OUT AND FIND THEM AND MAKE YOUR WORLD BETTER!!!!



So I’m just wondering if there are any genderqueer/non binary/etc people out there who would be open to doing like a collab. youtube channel? Something sort of like ftmtranstastic but centered around more non-binary issues/interests/concerns? 

I feel like its something that would be really beneficial and fun and helpful. Over the years I have tried to find similar resources…and yeah, there are tumblr sites and there was one youtube channel called “genderqueer chat” but it fell through / wasn’t really known or used. 

I am absolutely down for starting this, and keeping it going. If there are other people interested. So if you are! Message me on here, we can exchange ideas and info. 


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Anonymous said: So I don't know if I'm gender queer or gender fluid, I just know that sometimes I want (no, actually very often) to dress as and be a "male." What am I, how can I tell?

Try dressing more masculine? See how it feels? 
I always feel bad giving people advice on this because I literally woke up one day like ‘wait a second’ and that was it, so I don’t really know how best to go about deciding for oneself.


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Anonymous said: Can someone who is biologically female but is gender queer between female and neither still identify as a lesbian?

As far as I know, lesbian means a gay woman, so I guess if you identify as female sometimes then that works?

Anybody want to add their input?

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I can’t edit on mobile so I just deleted the posts that had my mistakes in them, and I apologize for my wording and attitude coming off as rude. I didn’t intend to upset anyone.

I’ll try to update later, I’m in some rough stuff right now at home so tumblr is not on the front burner but I will try to keep this blog as active as possible.

Anonymous said: The idea that words should always mean what their roots suggest is called an "etymological fallacy" in formal logic terms. The word "bisexual" was created by a straight sexologist in the late 1800's before the idea that gender is not binary was credible, and that gives it a lot of time to have changed its meaning and implications. Saying "bi means two so bisexual means only two sexes" is just as incorrect as saying "pineapple is pine + apple and is therefore an apple that grows on a pine tree."

I wasn’t gonna post on this subject anymore but this was pretty excellent thank you