627) I’ll never feel safe as agender in a queer or trans* space.

A while ago I sent a message to a trans* blogger who I was in a mutual follow with, sympathizing with their recent breakup. We had messaged back and forth a bit before, and I opened up to them about how my partner had kept misgendering by calling me a chick. Immediately they asked me if my partner respected my pronouns. This confused me, since I’m agender and I’ve never had a problem with being “her”, but a huge problem with being a “woman”.
At the time, I didn’t know I was agender. At the time, I thought I was stupid because I wasn’t “queer enough”.
When I explained that my partner and I had never talked about pronouns because I was fine with mine, they never replied and a few days later unfollowed me.

I hate that so many people look up to this person. I will never feel equal to someone who uses non-assigned pronouns. I will never feel equal to someone who mixes gender.