903) I know a lot of LGBTQ people. My fiancee is part of a therapy group that helps to people with those kinds of problems. I have lead a very supportive life and despite identifying as genderfluid and bisexual, I’ve never had any real problems with acceptance. Except with the people in this therapy group. I have met several of them because they are friends with my fiancee and each time I have met them, I was dressed very femme, as that is what I felt. Full makeup, skirts, the works. They also know I am bisexual. And they pretty much ignore or belittle me because of this. I freaking hate it. They treat me like a completely cis privileged white straight femme person without knowing a thing about me. They assume because I don’t need group that I am not “queer” enough. They aren’t a big part of my life but this is the first time anyone has ever treated me like I wasn’t “different” enough. I never thought I would want to be weirder but these people apparently require queerness up front in order to be “accepted”. So much for a support system.